George hired Austin eviction attorneys at Girling Law attempted negotiating a resolution, but the parties were unable to agree on a moveout date.  The case went to trial, and Girling Law obtained a judgment for George.  The tenant immediately appealed.

George asked Girling Law to continue representing him in his Austin eviction appeal.

Rental Property Location: Austin, TX

Eviction Court Location: Austin, TX

Eviction Trial Outcome – Tenant Harassing Neighbors

Girling Law immediately scheduled George’s case for trial.  George’s Austin eviction attorneys appeared on the day of trial and resumed negotiations with opposing counsel.  When the attorneys first appeared before the County Court at Law Judge, the tenant requested that the trial be reset to a later date.  George’s attorney successfully argued that the trial should proceed that day, but the parties should continue talking.  The Judge, without going on the record, asked the attorneys about some high-level details about the case.  The Judge strongly cautioned the parties to settle, indicating he would likely find for the landlord.

After about another hour and a half of negotiating, the tenant finally agreed to back off of his demands for a full two months in the property.  The parties signed a settlement agreement and asked the Judge to reset the trial for a date following the agreed move-out date.

Garland Eviction Attorney Observations

George’s Austin eviction attorney did a great job of involving the Judge in motivating the parties to settle.  Often, tenants become so emotional about their eviction that they convince themselves they can win.  Even after losing at the Justice of the Peace trial, George’s tenant was still demanding an unreasonable amount of time in the property.  The tenant quickly changed is demand after hearing the Judge’s impressions about the case.