Welcome to the Eviction Boot Camp Class Registration Page!

The Texas Real Estate Group, LLC is currently offering four Eviction Boot Camp classes in Tarrant County during the month of August, 2016.  Each of the classes will be limited to 25 students.  We regret that we can make no exceptions to this limitation.  Tuition is $224.95 per student.  Early bird discounts may apply to your class.  Your discount will be limited to the amounts indicated in your advertising materials.  No promotional codes are required.  Only one discount per student.

All students registering for Eviction Boot Camp will receive the following:

  • One copy of the Eviction Boot Camp™ textbook, written by expert eviction attorney, L. Marc Girling;
  • USB Drive with templates for the pleadings most commonly used in JP eviction trials and documentation for settlement agreements;
  • “Take Aways” handout, including chapter summaries from your text book;
  • One sample case file for your “mock trial;”
  • Class critique of your trial presentation;
  • One 15 minute consultation with a Girling Law, PLLC attorney (this is in addition to time you already have if your apartment community is a TCAA member).

Students attending this class will be provided with all necessary materials.  Each student will present 1 case before a “mock” trial court.  Please dress for court!

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