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Understanding the Eviction Process in Texas

One of the most important duties of a tenant is to comply with the tenancy rules imposed by the landlord. Failure to do so may lead to termination of the tenancy contract and eviction. As the property owner, you have legal rights to evict tenants for non-payment of rent or violation of the lease or [...]


An Overview on Eviction Moratorium

If you’re into the rental property business, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the state law that protects the landlord-tenant relationship. Successful landlords in Texas know how to comply with the landlord-tenant law. On the other hand, a responsible tenant knows how to obey the tenancy rules mentioned on the lease or [...]


Serving a Notice to Vacate: What Do Texas Laws Say?

Serving eviction notices to tenants in Texas can be tricky, and following the legal process and state law are very important when evicting tenants. Disregarding the law (like evicting tenants illegally) can pose more problems for landlords, like losing time and money to bad tenants.  State laws vary in how a landlord can evict tenants [...]