Dallas Fort Worth landlord lawyerWhen you invest in property, this comes with both benefits and risks. For example, some risks may involve expensive repairs or tenants who fail to pay rent. Therefore, if you are a property investor, it is important you protect your rights by hiring a Dallas Fort Worth landlord lawyer.

We Can Help You Draft a Solid Lease Agreement

Having an Evicting a tenant is one remedy in the case of a tenant breaching the lease agreement, such as:

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Violation of other terms of the lease agreement (for example, conducting illegal activities on the property)
  • Public indecency

Notice to Vacate

Before going forward with eviction proceeding in court, you must first properly serve the tenant(s) with a Notice to Vacate, which should include:

  • Names and address of the tenants
  • Reason for the notice
  • Date the notice was served
  • Statement of when the tenant must move out and/or amount of outstanding rent
  • The explanation that the landlord may pursue a lawsuit to evict the tenant from the premises
  • Description of how the Notice was served

If the notice to vacate is due to failure to pay rent, you must give at least three days’ notice to pay the rent before you file for eviction. This is, however, unless your lease agreement states that 24 hours’ notice is sufficient.

Your Dallas Fort Worth landlord lawyer will ensure that the notice is accurate and served properly. Moreover, our firm letterhead will communicate to the tenant that you have the backing of a reputable attorney and are prepared to move forward with the eviction process.

Taking the Case to Court

Generally, a landlord may initiate an eviction suit against the tenant three days after the notice. At Girling Law, we will rigorously defend against a tenant’s tactics to delay the proceedings. We will also negotiate settlements and aggressively represent you throughout the trial proceedings and, if necessary, throughout the appeal process.

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