Learn how to protect YOUR RIGHTS from irresponsible tenants.

GET YOUR FREE BOOK – it will address some of the most COMMON MISTAKES LANDLORDS MAKE when dealing with a problem tenant.

If you’re at ANY step of the process of evicting your tenant, you’ll want to read Eviction Dismissed! – guidance for the for the NON-ATTORNEY TEXAS LANDLORD. This plain-language, easy-to-read book is short, but packed with helpful information. 

Texas Law Gives Bad Tenants a Lot of Good Tools to Game the Eviction Process – learn how to identify and avoid common landlord traps with this FREE BOOK. You’ll learn how these mistakes can ruin your case: 

  • Using the wrong delivery method for your Notice to Vacate 
  • Negotiating with the tenant the wrong way (or not negotiating at all) 
  • Handling a pauper’s appeal improperly 
  • Mismanaging the writ of possession


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