Garland eviction attorney

Evictions can become complicated quickly.  Texas law requires eviction cases to proceed in a very short amount of time.  But Texas laws and Federal laws give tenants several opportunities to extend the eviction process.  When a tenant elects to exercise his rights to extend the eviction process, the landlord faces several problems.  The most obvious problem is the resulting legal expense.  But lost revenues is another major consideration.  An experienced Garland eviction attorney is your best means of reducing risk in these situations and reducing your losses.

Why Personally Handling an Eviction On Your Own Is a Really Bad Idea

The temptation to handle your own eviction is great.  You will absolutely save yourself some money by not hiring an eviction attorney.  But will handling your own eviction create the greatest value for you?

Many landlords believe their Justice of the Peace will rubber-stamp a judgment when the tenant doesn’t appear for trial.  This is almost never the case.  Most judges will verify that you have the documents required for a default judgment.

Your Garland eviction attorney will use the law to narrow the eviction timeline.  Throughout the eviction process, Girling Law will pressure your tenant for a settlement.  In the event you are facing an appeal, your Garland eviction attorney will work every angle to fast track the case.  Girling Law’s attorneys are prepared regardless of what stage of the eviction process your case is in.  And it doesn’t matter if your tenant requests a jury trial or files bankruptcy.  Girling Law is prepared to quickly handle any maneuver your tenant may try.

Eviction Attorneys Who “Get It”

Has your tenant’s attempts to fight the eviction process gotten to you?  There is nothing unusual about experiencing intense anger and anxiety over an eviction.  It’s your property.  Your tenant is gaming the system and you are paying for it!  We feel ya!

The down side to this, of course, is that these intense feelings will interfere with your ability to resolve the issue.  This is where an experienced Garland eviction attorney comes in.  Girling Law gets it.  Winning isn’t the only objective in an eviction.  Quickly turning a non-performing property back into an income producing asset – that’s the most important consideration.  Rental properties aren’t about settling scores.  Rental properties are about making money.

Your eviction representation through Girling Law will always include a strategy centered around stressing your tenant and then pressuring him to pay and move out as early as possible.  To the extent this primary objective is unsuccessful, we will push through on the eviction as quickly as Texas law will allow.

You Need a Garland Eviction Attorney Who is an Experts in Texas Eviction Law

Girling Law’s Garland eviction lawyers have experience handling all levels of the eviction process.  Whether you are starting your eviction before a local Garland Justice of the Peace, facing a de novo trial before a Dallas County Court at Law, or your tenant filed an appeal before the Dallas Court of Appeals, Girling Law is prepared to handle your case.  Girling law even has special resources in place to handle eviction jury trials.

Girling Law is Familiar with the Garland Justices of the Peace

There are two Justices of the Peace that Garland landlords may use to evict their tenants.  The landlord is always in the position of choosing which of the two Justice of the Peace to use.  Knowing your Judge is often critical to developing a plan that will optimize your chances of a Successful outcome.

Girling Law’s Garland eviction attorneys have handled numerous eviction matters in the Garland Justice of the Peace Courts.  Because of this experience, the firm has developed a solid understanding of the Garland Judges’ individual temperaments and procedural preferences.