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We designed the eviction notice form generator for Texas landlords and independent rental owners alike – all for FREE. Consider your notice to vacate form done with our generator!

We designed the Texas Landlord Lawyers’ eviction notice form generator specifically for Texas landlords.  Our Notice To Vacate generator instantly delivers to you a sleek, intimidating Notice to Vacate on our law firm’s letterhead

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Warning: Texas law requires you to use a 3 Day Notice to Vacate unless you and your tenant have a written lease agreement that permits you to use a 24 Hour Notice to Vacate. Other circumstances may require a longer Notice to Vacate. You should consult a licensed Texas attorney to better understand these circumstances. All TAA leases and Texas Realtor’s Association leases permit 24 Hour Notices to Vacate. But if you have a different type of lease, you need to review the section of your lease that discusses the tenant’s default. Should your lease not mention a 24 hour notice to vacate, Texas law may require you to sue a 3 Day Notice to Vacate.

The Best Way to Serve Tenants with a Texas Eviction Notice Form

Serve tenants with a Texas eviction notice form that is printed on the letterhead of a tenacious Texas eviction lawyer.

A straightforward eviction notice on our company’s letterhead is instantly delivered to you by our Notice to Vacate generator – FREE of charge. Having the name of our law office on the notice will give you the confidence to inform tenants of the consequences of refusing the eviction notice.

FREE 24 Hour Notice to Vacate
FREE 3 Day Notice to Vacate

Why Use a Texas Landlord Lawyers Eviction Notice Form?

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Consider your Notices to Vacate from the viewpoint of your tenants. Nothing gives off a more ominous vibe than seeing a form with an eviction lawyer’s name on it.


The Notice to Vacate presents numerous opportunities for a Judge to dismiss your eviction lawsuit. Girling Law’s Notice to Vacate generator produces a Notice to Vacate that meets all of the content requirements under Texas law, protects you from unwittingly violating various other laws, and provides instructions on properly delivering your Notice to Vacate.

What’s more?

Wording on your Notice to Vacate is crucial!

Your Notice to Vacate can create problems during an eviction trial if it is not worded correctly. On the other hand, if your Notice to Vacate contains too much information, you could restrict your options later on in the eviction process.

Ensuring compliance with various collection laws can be another issue

A Notice to Vacate is a debt collection activity under Texas consumer protection laws. You should always include something lawyers refer to as the “mini-Miranda” language in the notice. What happens if your tenant files bankruptcy between the time you send your Notice to Vacate and when your tenant receives it? Your Notice to Vacate should include language that ensures you do not violate an automatic bankruptcy stay. If your tenant is a member of the armed services, your Notice to Vacate needs to have particular language. This is true even if your tenant recently joined the military and neglected to tell you!

And then there is the delivery process

Texas law is particular about how a Notice to Vacate is delivered to your tenant. Giving the Notice to Vacate incorrectly can result in your case being dismissed. Failing to deliver the Notice to Vacate correctly is the most frequent reason Texas Justices of the Peace dismiss landlords’ eviction lawsuits. The delivery instructions included with your Notice to Vacate, if followed, will significantly reduce or eliminate the risk associated with delivering your Notice to Vacate.

FREE 24 Hour Notice to Vacate
FREE 3 Day Notice to Vacate

How Does Our Generator Work?

FREE 24 Hour Notice to Vacate
FREE 3 Day Notice to Vacate

Our Notices to Vacate are valid in all Texas Counties.