According to Texas state law, the legal process of eviction begins with the landlord having an eviction notice or notice to vacate delivered to the tenant to be evicted. Evictions must start with tenants receiving a written notice that indicates their landlord’s demand for possession of the rental property to be returned; otherwise, the correct eviction process isn’t observed and the property owner may lose his or her eviction case.

When Is a Rental Eviction Notice Used

As mentioned, the eviction notice is the first step in evicting a tenant. Based on Texas landlord-tenant law, the following are the usual instances when eviction notices are given:

  • The lease agreement is nearing its end.
  • The renter has failed to pay rent.
  • The tenant has violated a rental agreement or lease term.
  • The tenant has not left the rental unit even after his or her lease has expired.
  • The landlord rented out the real property on a month-to-month basis and now wants to terminate the lease of the current occupant.

What to Put in an Eviction Notice

To write a proper notice of eviction, several important factors must be included.

  • The pertinent real property.
  • The landlord and tenant involved.
  • The reason for eviction (e.g. non-payment of rent, lease violations, termination of lease, etc.).
  • Statement of a breach of the contract.
  • The allotted grace period for renters to move out according to Texas law.

Ways to Deliver an Eviction Notice

Texas evictionIs there a proper way to get the notice to the tenant or will any form of delivery do? There is, and it’s a very important concern. A tenant eviction lawsuit can be lost and eviction proceedings derailed when the letter is sent incorrectly to the tenant being evicted. Landlords shouldn’t try to do it themselves. If their eviction action is dismissed by the court, they’ll have to go through the tenant eviction process all over again before they can evict the tenant they rent to.

Do You Want to Evict a Tenant? Contact a Texas Eviction Attorney Today!

For landlords who want to evict the occupants of the rental dwelling they own, it’s important to engage the legal services of an eviction lawyer to avoid wasted time and money as well as to spare themselves a lot of the frustration that could come with trying to free their property of occupancy by the move out date they set.

If you have a delinquent tenant who fails to pay the rent, get legal advice in dealing with the situation. As mentioned, there are more serious reasons for the ejectment of tenants than being owed rent payment. You should definitely get legal help in getting renters to vacate the premises if your tenancy problems are worse than unpaid rent, such as when people renting your property are violating your rental agreement or when they are involved in criminal activity.

To fix the problem with your tenant or property, get legal aid on how to evict correctly and effectively. Whether the fitting solution is legal action and bringing your case to the court, mediation, or another alternative, it’s best to get legal assistance from a lawyer who is familiar with the nuances and demands of the state law for eviction. We can help you evict tenants in the correct legal way. Call us at Girling Law to speak with an experienced Texas eviction attorney.