If you are familiar with property shelters, you probably believe they are something for the super-wealthy. Far from. Most of our clients own only one property. The costs for a property shelter are generally a function of the number of properties you own. Learn more about property shelters for your Texas real estate investments by ordering your free copy of The Invisible Investor right now. We will even pay for your postage!

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  • Anonymity. The most powerful feature of a property shelter is its ability to mask your identity. Learn why removing your public-facing connection to your real estate investments is the best method for making the rest of your personal wealth nearly unreachable to would-be plaintiffs.
  • Separation of Liability. The Invisible Investor will describe in detail how property shelters can silo liability. Learn how your property shelter can work to your advantage by preventing an accident at one rental property from creating liability for your other rental properties.
  • Multiple Firewalls. It is never enough to have just one line of defense. If someone is going to try to sue you, you want to make the process as complicated and expensive as possible. Learn how your property shelter will set up multiple lines of defense that become more and more challenging for a plaintiff’s attorney to breach.
  • Attorney-Client Privelege. A long-honored and cherished legal privilege is your right to enjoy confidentiality from your attorney. Develop your understanding of how property shelters leverage the attorney-client privilege to protect your identity and your rights as a property investor.
  • Tax Benefits. Use your property shelter to create important tax related opportunities. Learn how your property shelter can create options for your tax professional to help you minimize your tax burdens.

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