Now that you’ve fixed your Affidavit of Non-Military Service, fix the rest of your eviction lawsuit!

I wrote Eviction Dismissed! for Texas real estate investors just like you.  I’ve witnessed Justices of the Peace and County Court at Law Judges “pour out” hundreds of landlords over the years.  By “pour out,” I mean the Judge dismissed the case – sent the landlord away without an eviction judgment .  This sort of thing breaks my heart because almost every dismissal I witness is easy to avoid.

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Learn about the number 1 reason Texas Judges dismiss eviction lawsuits and what you can do to avoid making the same mistake.  Avoiding this first mistake will reduce your risk of dismissal by nearly one half!  Eviction Dismissed! also includes great advice on tenant negotiations, trial preparation, how to behave during trial, responding to your tenant filing a pauper’s appeal (affidavit of indigence), and includes several hacks on handling the writ process.


*I have spent the time to personally author and print this book.  I offer the book to you for free, but I do ask that you help with covering some of my costs like postage, shipping materials, and employee time spent fulfilling your book order.