The Rock Solid Lease™

Other than your property’s deed, there is arguably no document more important than your Texas lease agreement.  A weak lease agreement can unnecessarily increase your costs, slow down evictions, cause unnecessary delays in litigation, and result in steep fines.

A bad Texas lease agreement creates several potential issues for Texas landlords. Hiring a qualified lease attorney from Girling Law can prevent any future legal battles regarding your tenants.

Non-compliance is just one of several of the potential problems.  The Texas Property Code requires Texas landlords to include special language in their lease agreements.  These laws are so particular they require certain font sizes, and other characteristics such as bold lettering or underlining.  Failing to comply with these laws can result in fines!

Creating more risk for the landlord like you is another potential issue.  Lease agreements can be drafted in such a way that they can protect the landlord from being sued by their own tenants.  But the rules governing the landlord-tenant relationship are state-specific.  Using a Nevada lease agreement for a Texas rental property can create several of problems.  First, a contract like this can force the Judge to use another state’s laws.  Second, that state’s laws may not be as favorable to you as the laws in Texas.

Another big issue with poorly written leases is clarity.  A lot of lease agreements contain too much “legalese.”  This doesn’t help your tenant understand your rules and expectations.  More importantly, a lease like this can confuse your Justice of the Peace.  Most Texas Justices of the Peace ARE NOT attorneys.  So how does it make sense to give a non-attorney judge a lease agreement that contains words like “parole evidence,” “force majeure,”  “holdover tenancy?”  Not much…. That’s why our lease attorney drafted The Rock Solid Lease™ with easy to read, everyday language.  We have even included an easy to follow table of contents!

Don’t risk using one of those free leases off of the internet.  Hint: if it’s only a couple of pages long, it can’t possibly give you the protections you need!  The Rock Solid Lease™ is more comprehensive AND LESS EXPENSIVE than those name brand internet leases.  Best of all, your Rock Solid Lease™ will be ready in only a few minutes!

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