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WARNING: The lessons you will receive in Your Eviction Mastered are carefully timed. They will be delivered to you as your case progresses. Your access code is set to expire to ensure you do not receive your lessons after you need them.

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We use the word “Landlord” in its broadest sense. This training program isn’t just for property investors who are struggling with a problem tenant. This program is for anybody who is trying to complete an eviction. You will absolutely benefit from this program if you are evicting:

  • The prior owner of a foreclosed property
  • A squatter
  • A former spouse or significant other who IS NOT on your property’s title
  • A family member
  • A roommate who is not on your lease
  • A tenant under a verbal lease agreement

You’ve made an excellent decision to sign up for Your Eviction Mastered (YEM)! Our training program offers new and struggling Texas Landlords the following:

  • FREE eviction training
  • Instructions and advice written by our firm’s owner, Marc Girling
  • Helpful information written specifically for non-attorneys in easy-to-understand language
  • Carefully timed lessons, delivered to you shortly before each phase of your eviction
  • Eviction strategy – steps our own lawyers take to gain leverage, apply pressure, and incentivize or threaten tenants into moving out early
  • Access to customized, professionally drafted motions, pleadings, and legal notices
  • Opportunities for one-on-one training consultations with our firm’s expert eviction attorneys

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