Why Free Online Notices to Vacate and Those Notices to Vacate from Online Legal Form Services Are a Really, Really Bad Idea….

Some guy named Nathan from El Paso – a guy you never met – says the notice to vacate on his website worked for him just fine. So you’re thinking, “It doesn’t sound like he’s an attorney, but if this form worked for him…. It’s gotta work, am I right!?!”

The short answer: No. No you’re not right. In fact, downloading Knucklehead Nathan’s form might be one of the most expensive mistakes you have ever made as a real estate investor.

Here are some questions you should be asking yourself about Non-Lawyer Nathan’s free online notice to vacate:

  • Would Nathan’s form survive being challenged if your tenant showed up to court with an attorney?
  • Does Nathan’s form meet your County Court at Law judge’s requirements?
  • Would using Nathan’s notice to vacate limit the legal grounds you could use to evict your tenant?
  • How do you properly deliver Nathan’s notice to vacate?
  • Did Nathan’s tenants even show up to the eviction trial!?!

And don’t make the mistake of thinking those “professional” legal from websites are any better. They won’t guarantee that their forms will work for you. Few of them will disclose if an attorney was even involved in drafting that notice to vacate! Sure – the notice to vacate you purchase off of that Missile-Attorney website might look polished; it might even look “official.” But those companies can’t give you a document on a real attorney’s letterhead. If you don’t want to take my word for it, try testing them: give that LegalBoom company a call and ask them to tell you how many of their customers successfully used one of their notices to vacate. They can’t do it! They can’t even test their notices to vacate in a real courtroom environment. Do you think they even follow up with their clients?

The notices to vacate you’re about to purchase from this website contain the exact same content Girling Law’s experienced eviction attorneys use in their own notices to vacate on a day-to-day basis. Even the delivery instructions that accompany your Girling Law notice to vacate include delivery instructions that Girling Law’s staff use every day. Our law firm has tested these forms on hundreds of successful evictions!

Don’t waste your time and your money on a bad notice to vacate. Don’t guess over how you can lawfully deliver a notice to vacate. Order your Girling Law notice to vacate now!

If You Believe Drafting and Delivering a Notice to Vacate is a Simple, Low-Risk Activity, You’re About to Be Disappointed

We’ve issued thousands of Notices to Vacate. At first glance, drafting and serving a notice to vacate appears to be a simple and straight-forward process. But don’t be fooled! The notice to vacate is the riskiest part of the tenant eviction process:

  • Fail to include the correct text, and your eviction will be dismissed
  • Include too much of the wrong text, and you’ll paint yourself into a corner
  • Some delivery methods are illegal in Texas
  • Some “approved” delivery methods are impossible to prove in court
  • Texas eviction law changed significantly in 2013, and more changes went into effect January 1, 2016

Girling Law has had so many clients coming to us after mishandling their notices to vacate we came up with a smart, convenient innovation:

An online, customizable notice to vacate document – on official Girling Law letterhead.

Girling Law’s notice to vacate is remarkably affordable, and easy to order. Simply fill out our one-page form with details about your property and your tenant and presto! You have an official notice to vacate on the letterhead of one of Texas’ most formidable eviction law firms!!


Contact us today and Save:

An official Notice to Vacate for under $300!


Why Delivering Notices to Vacate Make Your Eviction Even Riskier!

But our online notices are more than convenient, professional, intimidating, and economical. Like we said, we know the eviction process inside out. We’ve handled hundreds of eviction cases this year alone! To optimize your odds for success, we also provide you detailed instructions on how to properly serve your notice to vacate.

With the Girling Law notice to vacate and the detailed instruction sheet that comes with every one of our notices to vacate, you’ll learn:

  • How many notices are necessary for multiple occupants
  • Which delivery methods are permitted under Texas state law
  • Which delivery methods are permitted but are useless at trial (Yes, you read that right!)
  • How to take photos the court will accept as evidence
  • How to comply with the 2016 rules changes for notices to vacate

And many more tips on how to successfully execute an eviction notice.


Act NOW – a Notice to Vacate on Girling Law letterhead.

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How We Safely Re-Direct Your Tenants Back to You

Your notice to vacate will include a telephone number that rings into our law firm. When your tenant calls the number printed on your notice to vacate, your tenant will receive a pre-recorded message from us. This message carefully preserves your rights as the landlord. The message gives your tenant our firm’s permission to call you directly to discuss the possibility of settlement. But the message also states that if you do discuss settlement with your tenant you are in no way waiving your right to proceed with the eviction.

When Even a Girling Law Notice to Vacate Doesn’t Scare Your Tenant Into Action….

SO: What happens when you properly deliver your Girling Law notice to vacate and your tenant still refuses to move out of your property? Let Girling Law be your legal bulldog! For an additional, affordable fee Girling Law will provide you highly experienced, effective representation. And for customers who have already purchased one of our firm’s notices to vacate, we have a special offer for you:


$200 off eviction representation!!

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Other Great Services from Girling Law

No landlord likes handling an eviction. It monopolizes your time, eats up your revenues, and makes you wish you had chosen an easier investment! We get it. Girling Law is a Texas real estate law firm exclusively for Texas landlords and run by lawyers who are also experienced property investors. We know Texas evictions cold. And we know notices to vacate cold.

Girling Law serves you by providing landlord-friendly lease agreements, intimidating notices to vacate, and nearly impenetrable property shelters & anonymity trusts. We also get down into the trenches with you to handle your problem tenants. We’re highly experienced eviction attorneys!


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