Eviction Settlement Packet - Justice of the Peace

1 Tell Me About
the Landlord(s)
2 Tell Me About
the Tenant(s)
3 Tell Us About
the Rental Property
4 Tell Me About
the Court
5 Checkout
  • Enter only the first and last name of the Plaintiff or Plaintiff's agent who will be signing the settlement agreement.
    If two people are named as landlords on the lease agreement, only one is needed to sign the settlement agreement. Enter your first and last name exactly the way it appears on the lease agreement.
    If you are signing as the representative of an LLC, corporation, or other business entity list your name and then your title. You do not need to be the same office who signed the original lease. Here is an example:
    "John Smith, Managing Member"
    If you are signing as the Trustee of a trust that owns the property, state your title and the name of the trust. For example:
    "John Smith as Trustee of the Davis Family Living Trust"
  • Your documents will be delivered to this address.