Fix your problem Texas eviction forms quickly and easily.  If you have more than three days until your eviction trial date, you still have time to strengthen your case by filing a set of our “amended” pleadings.  Amending your pleadings is where you replace your old, weak eviction documents with Girling Law’s powerful petition packet.  It will be like you never filed those horrible, court-provided pleadings!

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Increase Your Odds at Trial by Using GREAT Texas Eviction Forms

Girling Law’s amended Texas eviction forms packet will ensure a worry-free beginning to your eviction lawsuit.  Our firm’s owner, Mr. Girling, drafted the amended packet that you’re about to purchase.  In fact, our firm’s attorneys use eviction pleadings that include nearly all of the contents of the forms you are about to purchase!

Girling Law’s amended Texas eviction forms packet includes references to current Texas law.  Our forms also include intentional redundancies, so even if one of your reasons for evicting your tenant fails, you will have other, back-up causes of action.  While nothing in the law can be fail-proof, Girling Law’s Texas eviction forms packet goes to great lengths to ensure your risks are minimized.

Select he red button below that best meets your needs.  The “Non-Payment” button is only for landlords who have a written lease agreement AND the tenant has stopped paying rent.  The “Terms” button for an eviction on terms.  This is an eviction for something other than non-payment of rent.  Select the “Terms” form if you have no lease agreement (this includes evicting family members and former romantic partners).  Select the “Both” button if your tenant has stopped paying rent AND your tenant has violated non-payment terms of your lease agreement.  The “Both” product is only for landlords with written lease agreements.

What you Get with Girling Law’s Eviction Forms Packet

With our firm’s amended Texas evictions forms packet, you will:

  • Comply with statutory requirements to state facts under oath
  • Strengthen your eviction with multiple, layered causes of action;
  • Prevent your tenant from ending the lawsuit by simply bringing his rent to court;
  • Clarify your claims when evicting on terms;
  • Maximize your request for damages;
  • Comply with delivery requirements under Texas law;
  • Avoid committing perjury by excluding the certificates required on the military affidavit.

Our amended Texas evictions packet includes everything you need to minimize the risks all landlords face when evicting a problem tenant.  The packet will include:

  • First Amended Verified Petition
  • First Amended Certificate of Last Known Address
  • First Amended Affidavit of Non-Military Service (a/k/a Military Affidavit)
  • VERY Detailed Directions on how to:
    • Safely add final edits to your document
    • Obtain the required certificate for your Military Affidavit
    • File your documents with the Court
    • Properly serve your tenant
    • Prove you served your tenant
    • Maintain the proper documentation