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Trusted Landlord Lawyer in Bedford, TX

Residential property investors need an excellent Texas real estate attorney at their side.  Legal issues involving tenants account for a large percentage of all law suits filed in Texas.  Because investment properties are not protected by Texas homestead statutes, Texas landlords prove to be a soft target for plaintiffs’ attorneys.  Conveniently located in Bedford, TX, Girling Law is a perfect match for Texas landlords.  We are experts in Texas landlord-tenant issues and we have the knowledge and resources available to help you avoid entanglements with opportunistic litigants.

Your Partner In Managing Risk as a Texas Landlord

Having previously experienced his own challenges with problem tenants, Attorney L. Marc Girling understands the frustration and anxiety that comes with managing a difficult tenant.  In addition to helping you remove a problem tenant, Girling Law can help you avoid problem tenants in the first place with its Disaster Averted!™ tenant background checks.   Girling Law’s Rock Solid™ lease agreements provide you with some of the most favorable lease contract terms Texas law will allow AND our leases are less expensive that the big name legal document companies.  You can even enjoy these two great services for free! Join our Landlord Retainer program to enjoy a lower monthly payment in addition to obtaining a free Disaster Averted!™ tenant background check and one of our customized Rock Solid™ lease agreements.

Is it time to purchase a new rental property or refinance one of your existing investment properties?  You really need to take a look at our Double Barrel™ property shelters.  Come as close to eliminating the internal and external risks that can result in a civil judgment.  Our property shelters will compartmentalize each of your rental properties to help you avoid the risk that an injury on one property will not spread liability to your other rental properties.

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