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Girling Law Firm: Dallas, Fort Worth Tenant-Landlord Lawyers

Representing Landlords Within the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Area

Our law firm’s mission is to provide comprehensive legal representation to Texas residential real estate investors. Girling Law focuses on a very narrow segment of Texas consumers – Texas real estate investors – and aims to provide a broad range of legal services to these special clients.  So, our objective is to provide Texas real estate investors a one-stop shop for the majority of their legal needs. Our experienced Texas landlord-tenant law firm represents landlords for property evictions, lease agreements and more.

Additionally, our firm’s landlord lawyers practice what they preach.  We are also experienced property investors.  Our attorneys offer substantial experience defending landlords, managing risk for property investors, and providing high-quality counsel aimed at maximizing their clients’ ROIs.

Our Texas tenant-landlord law firm offers the following services:

  • Eviction Attorney Services
  • Eviction Jury Trials
  • Property Shelters
  • Anonymity Trusts
  • Tenant Background Checks
  • Lease Agreements
  • Lift Bankruptcy Stays
  • Defending Housing Discrimination Claims
  • Landlord Litigation
  • Apartment Representation

A good Texas landlord attorney can bring a profound value to his clients when he knows what the different Judges like and dislike in eviction cases.

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