Marc Girling is an expert Dallas – Fort Worth eviction attorney and landlord lawyer.  He started his eviction practice after having his own unfortunate experience with a problem tenant.  Presently, Mr. Girling’s firm includes two attorneys, two paralegals, and an Escrow Officer.  In addition, Mr. Girling regularly hires five other real estate attorneys in Fort Worth who handle legal work for the firm on a contractual basis.  Mr. Girling personally trained each of these lawyers.  Mr. Girling has authored several books, including Eviction Dismissed! The Ten Biggest Mistakes Texas Landlords Make in Eviction Court.  Presently, he is preparing a curriculum to train apartment community managers on appearing in Justice of the Peace Courts.

Girling Law, PLLC is a boutique landlord law firm.  We offer a full range of legal representation to independent rental owners and apartment communities.  Our Fort Worth real estate attorneys routinely practice in all of the Justice of the Peace Courts in Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, and Denton Counties.  In addition, our real estate attorneys regularly appear in the County Courts at Law in Fort Worth, Dallas, McKinney, and Denton.  Girling Law is a member of the Tarrant County Apartment Association.

Girling Law’s flagship legal service is eviction representation before Justice of the Peace Courts, County Courts at Law, and Texas Courts of Appeals.  Our eviction service is comprehensive. We will ensure that your notice to vacate is not just properly delivered, but delivered in a manner that nearly eliminates the risk associated with tenants lying about successful delivery.  We conduct background checks and asset searches on each tenant we evict.  Our firm will make several attempts to negotiate a settlement with tenants, thereby reducing our landlord-clients’ legal fees and losses arising from a tenant’s unlawful occupation of the subject property.  When necessary, our firm will, of course, send in a Dallas – Fort Worth eviction attorney to attend trial.  Girling Law’s eviction representation services include coordinating a writ of possession.  Should your tenant appeal, Girling Law will be prepared to attack any method of appeal your tenant might use.  Finally, Girling Law will file the motions necessary to have the Court return any bond money or rent payments in the Court’s possession.