If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those unfortunate landlords who recently discovered there is one thing worse than having to evict your tenant: an eviction jury trial.  Tenants will often request jury trials, hoping to intimidate their landlords.  Although eviction jury trials are quite complicated, the good news is that it is quite easy for an attorney who is well-versed in eviction law to turn the tables on your tenant.  Girling Law is a unique firm that specializes in eviction law and develops resources to help our landlord-clients with these fast-pace cases.  Best of all, Girling Law has made eviction jury trial representation quite affordable. Contact our experienced Texas eviction lawyers today.

Fear and the Texas Eviction Jury Trial

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a tenant threaten an eviction jury trial….  Like I’m supposed to be scared of this!  Jury trials for evictions certainly are quite a bit more work than non-jury trials.  But they’re nothing to fear.

Unfortunately, most landlords respond with abject terror when they receive notice that their tenant paid the jury fee.  Some landlords will even dismiss the lawsuit or no-show at trial.  All that does is permit your tenant to remain in the property without paying.  It also signals to your non-paying tenant that you let him intimidate you.  Your tenant will only feed off that fear.  Things will only get worse from here.

Your tenant – not you – needs to be the one who suffers through those sleepless nights.


We know EXACTLY how to turn the tables on your tenant.

We know how to make your tenant completely

regret the fact that he paid that jury fee.

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Why Handling an Eviction Jury Trial on Your Own Is a Really, Really Bad Idea

Regardless of whether your eviction jury trial is in a Justice of the Peace Court or in a County Court at law, you need to have someone on your team who knows what they are doing.

Never convince yourself that a Justice of the Peace trial is easy.  While Justice of the Peace eviction jury trials absolutely are easier than County Court trials, they are still complicated.  More importantly, they’re different from County Court eviction jury trials.  You will still need to do jury selection.  Which means you must understand which questions are proper to ask of potential jurors.  You should do a Motion in Limine.  Opening statements are part of the process.  You will need to present documentary evidence to the Court.  It may be necessary to call witnesses and cross-examine them.  As the Plaintiff, you will want a closing statement your jurors will remember while they deliberate.

Eviction jury trials in County Courts are very different.  The Texas rules of evidence apply.  These are all the rules that permit parties to make verbal objections at trial.  The rules of evidence govern hearsay.  You might be aware that hearsay is generally not permitted.  But do you know the 21 hearsay exceptions?  With a County Court trial, you must present jury questions.  You should also present proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law.

Watching “Law and Order” will not help you!


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Why Hiring Girling Law to Handle Your Eviction Jury Trial WILL NOT Break the Bank

With most other jury trials, you could expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars on your attorneys.  It can typically take a couple of years to get to a jury trial.  This is often because of the discovery process, the process where the parties exchange and seek information about the case.

But eviction jury trials are quite different in this regard.  They typically go to trial in only a matter of weeks.  Discovery is generally not part of the process.  When it is, the discovery is rather abbreviated.  This fact alone reduces the costs of litigation tremendously.

Because eviction jury trials are so fast, your attorney will need to be prepared ahead of time.  And by “ahead of time,” I mean your attorney needs to have much of the work completed before your initial consultation.  But how is that possible?  Girling Law does this by making heavy use of well-trained paralegals, process management software, and form templates.  These resources help us prepare ahead of our first client meeting and they keep us nimble.  This is how our firm can be prepared for an eviction trial in only a matter of days.  These resources also play a huge role in helping manage our clients’ costs.

Why Contacting Girling Law About Your Eviction Law Is So Important

Sure, we can prepare for your eviction jury trial in only a matter of days.  But that doesn’t always guarantee we can help you.  Our firm’s lawyers are in court a lot!  We simply cannot take on your case if your eviction jury trial is only days away and we’re scheduled for trial on another client’s case.  Your having a jury trial doesn’t mean we are allowed prioritize your case over our other clients’.  When we run into a conflict like this, our only option is to politely decline to take your case.

The earlier you contact us, the better the chances we can help you.


Don’t Put Off Your Eviction Jury Trial Until the Eleventh Hour.

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