Facing off against a tenant who knows how to game the Texas eviction system is no game of chance.  It’s less than that.  The game is rigged.  Your tenant has a whole host of methods to cause delays in the eviction process.  You face some extremely complicated legal maneuvers to untangle the mess your tenant can create.  An eviction lawyer has extensive experience combating tenants at all levels of the eviction process.  Best of all, the eviction attorneys at Girling Law have the skills and resources that can help you avoid many of these disasters.

Why Eviction in Texas Is Rigged Against Landlords

Texas landlords enjoy very few breaks in the state’s eviction laws.  State law gives tenants several methods to slow down or entirely abate the eviction process.


Texas law limits what it calls “postponements” of lease.  But imagine if our client did what most landlords do and sign these affidavits with no actual knowledge of the tenant’s military status.  The tenant would have shown our client had committed perjury had an eviction lawyer not taken this extra step.


Arguably the greatest nuisance for landlords is a tenant who files a notice to vacate that creates options for you instead of limiting them.  Make sure your notice to vacate is delivered in a manner that can be proven.  You will not spend a lot of money by hiring your attorney to draft and send your notice to vacate for you.  And you get the added benefit of having the notice go out on a lawyer’s letterhead.

And yes – hiring Girling Law will go a long ways towards helping you even the odds with your tenant!

Girling Law’s Role in Your Eviction Strategy

You’ve probably heard Benjamin Franklin’s expression, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Always keep Girling Law in your arsenal.  And always call us early.  We will never charge you for an initial consultation.

If you have read this entire page, you have some sense of the many opportunities tenants have to make a simple eviction in Texas not so simple.  Taking advantage of every opportunity to cause your tenant to leave your rental property early is key to minimizing your costs.  A notice to vacate that’s on an attorney letterhead is way more intimidating than the same notice on a  blank piece of paper.  Do you think a tenant is more likely to vacate or less likely to vacate knowing an attorney will handle his eviction?

Even if your eviction proceeds, you want a law firm that can handle all stages of the eviction process.  You want a firm with plenty of experience in Justice of the Peace Courts.  You want an eviction lawyer who is a familiar face to those Justices of the Peace.  When the tenant appeals to County Court, you need an attorney who understands and has experience in fast tracking and challenging these appeals.  When your tenant takes your case to a bankruptcy court, U.S. District Court, or to a Texas Court of Appeals, you need an attorney who can roll with the punches.