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How Your Eviction Attorney Should Prepare for Your Eviction Case and Another Reason for Hiring an Eviction Attorney who Bills by the Hour

Your attorney needs to prepare exhibits for your eviction trial – no surprise there. But it’s not enough for your eviction lawyer to simply prepare for your eviction trial. If your tenant fails to appear at trial, your attorney will need to have previously filed documents disclosing to the Court your tenant’s last known address, [...]


Why I Stopped Offering Flat Fee Contracts – Landlord Eviction Attorney

I used to represent landlords using flat fees. No more…. And I strongly caution you to avoid such an arrangement. You need to avoid a situation where your attorney is unmotivated to provide you the most effective representation possible. In addition, flat fee arrangements too often result in client confusion and disappointment. It is really [...]


Is Your Eviction Attorney a Familiar Face to Your Judge?

I have mentioned in some of my earlier posts that Justices of the Peace are rarely attorneys. In fact, some will run for Justice of the Peace because they feel as though they were mistreated or poorly represented by an attorney. Others are active or former real estate professionals (non-attorneys) and they can get a [...]


Never Hand Deliver a Notice to Vacate

Starting Off on the Wrong Foot with Your Eviction Attorney I love it when a landlord calls me and tells me they have a written lease agreement with tenant who stopped paying rent. For me, these are typically very easy cases. This means my odds of having a very happy client will be high. [...]