Disaster Averted! ™

Even the most optimistic of property investors will tell you this: There are a lot of really bad tenants out there.  During 2014, Tarrant County had over 10,000 eviction causes of action.  Think about that!  All of those people are looking for a landlord just like you because they know the corporate apartment complexes will never rent to them.  During the summer of 2014, our firm evicted a tenant who had 17 evictions since 2008.  In early 2015, we were hired by another client to evict a tenant who had 27 judgments! Don’t get suckered into renting to people like this.  ALWAYS KNOW YOUR TENANT!!!

At Girling Law, we’ve seen a lot of unfortunate landlords hire us to remove their problem tenants.  And the sad part is most of these landlords could have avoided having to sue their tenants if they had simply performed a background check.  Of all of the evictions Girling Law has prosecuted, we have never performed an eviction on a tenant to whom we advised the landlord should rent.

Disaster Averted! tenant background checks are very thorough.  We look for your prospective tenant’s criminal records, bankruptcies, and civil judgments.  Depending on the plan you select, we will even check for eviction filings that went unreported to credit agencies.  We will also seek references from your tenant’s past landlords for an additional cost.

Best of all, the prospective tenant pays for the basic background check when we collect the lease application fee!

Don’t get stuck with a terrible tenant.  Between legal fees, unrealized incomes, mortgage payments, and make ready costs, the wrong tenant can easily cost you over $10,000.00.

Call us today to get started on your prospective tenants’ background checks.  With no out-of-pocket costs, what do you have to lose!?!