An Overview on Eviction Moratorium

If you’re into the rental property business, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of the state law that protects the landlord-tenant relationship. Successful landlords in Texas know how to comply with the landlord-tenant law. On the other hand, a responsible tenant knows how to obey the tenancy rules mentioned on the lease or [...]


What Every Landlord in Texas Must Know

Landlord-tenant laws govern all aspects of renting a property detailing the duties and rights of landlords and tenants. Landlords in Texas know that staying on top of the landlord-tenant law is important to avoid landlord-tenant disputes which may lead to needing to acquire legal assistance.   What are the Rights and Responsibilities of a Texan [...]


Landlords and Renters Rights in Texas

When it comes to renting a property, both landlords and renters need to have a good understanding of their state’s landlord-tenant laws to be aware of their rights and responsibilities. If you live in Texas, this article explains what you need to know about landlord and tenant law and aims to prevent you from committing [...]