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What Every Landlord in Texas Must Know

Landlord-tenant laws govern all aspects of renting a property detailing the duties and rights of landlords and tenants. Landlords in Texas know that staying on top of the landlord-tenant law is important to avoid landlord-tenant disputes which may lead to needing to acquire legal assistance.   What are the Rights and Responsibilities of a Texan [...]


How Important Is A Lease Agreement in Texas

A lease or rental agreement is a legal contract that sets out the rules landlords and tenants agree to follow in their rental relationship. This document needs to cover the basic terms of the tenancy. It emphasizes the roles and rights of both the landlord and the tenants. To maximize the potential of your rental [...]


What Should You Include in a Texas Lease Agreement?

Rental property owners have to follow landlord-tenant laws and drawing up a lease or rental agreement helps ensure that both landlord and tenant rights are being protected.  Lease agreements or rental agreements are legal documents between a tenant and a landlord that details the liabilities of each party. Each state law will have its guidelines [...]