Three Mistakes to Avoid When Evicting a Tenant in Texas

Writing a Notice of Eviction can be quite difficult, especially because eviction laws vary from state to state. Texas state law, for instance, allows a landlord to evict a tenant based on violating the rental or lease agreement. The most common violations include unlawful stay or not moving out of the rental property after termination. [...]


How Important is the Notice of Eviction Letter in Texas

A responsible tenant knows how to comply with the tenancy rules imposed by the landlord. It includes the importance of paying their rent on time. Failure to do so may lead to termination of the tenancy contract and eviction. As the property owner, you have legal rights to evict tenants for non-payment of their rent. [...]


Roles of Landlords and Tenants

Having a rental property of your own is considered one of the highly recommended investments nowadays. It refers to a personal or commercial property purchased by an investor or landlord occupied by tenants on a specific rental agreement. This business allows you to achieve long-term financial stability. It is a great source of continuous passive [...]


Planning to Issue a Notice of Eviction in Texas? Here’s What You Need to Know

There are many state laws and regulations in Texas about landlord-tenant laws. There are a variety of reasons why a landlord would want to evict a tenant, and the tenancy must first be legally terminated before you can evict an occupant or tenant. As required by state law, a written notice of eviction should first [...]


Serving a Notice to Vacate: What Do Texas Laws Say?

Serving eviction notices to tenants in Texas can be tricky, and following the legal process and state law are very important when evicting tenants. Disregarding the law (like evicting tenants illegally) can pose more problems for landlords, like losing time and money to bad tenants.  State laws vary in how a landlord can evict tenants [...]


How to Write a Letter of Eviction Notice

As a landlord, you will inevitably have to deal with problematic tenants. In most cases, they are only minor inconveniences, but in some cases, they might be a nuisance and you’ll have to kick them out of your property as soon as possible. Evicting a tenant out of your rental property is supported and regulated [...]


Landlording 101: Tenant Eviction in Texas

In this article, we’ll outline the eviction process for you: from the eviction notice onwards. If you need legal help with landlord-tenant law, a Dallas - Fort Worth landlord attorney can help you get what you need to evict tenants.   Notice of Termination Without Just Cause Ending a Fixed-Term Tenancy A landlord can’t terminate a [...]


What Happens When Tenants Break their Lease in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas?

In an ideal world, a landlord would have tenants that always pay rent on time, respect all the rules and state laws, and stay long-term. Alas, it is not an ideal world. It’s not uncommon in Texas for tenants to break the terms of their rental agreement. Regardless of the validity of the reason, breaking [...]


What to Expect After You Give Your Tenants a Notice to Vacate

Evictions can be quite complex. While there are various provisions of landlord-tenant law that specify what must be done for each case, they are seldom easy to comprehend. The eviction process, and any legal action you will take, must comply with all relevant statutes on landlord and tenant rights. Basics of Tenant Eviction A property [...]


Texas Eviction 101: Notice of Eviction and Eviction Process

As a landlord, problem tenants are an inevitable part of the business. With the CARE act and the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) eviction moratorium, these problem tenants may think they are immune from removal and they can continue staying illegally in your property. However, the Texas Supreme Court has approved challenges to this moratorium. [...]