How to Write and Deliver an Eviction Notice in Texas

According to Texas state law, the legal process of eviction begins with the landlord having an eviction notice or notice to vacate delivered to the tenant to be evicted. Evictions must start with tenants receiving a written notice that indicates their landlord’s demand for possession of the rental property to be returned; otherwise, the correct [...]


Can You Initiate an Eviction Due to Pets?

Texas law allows you to evict a tenant due to pets when they violate your lease agreement’s stated pet policy. There are situations, however, where an eviction action may be illegal. As a landlord, it is important that you know the difference so that you handle any pet issue legally. If you are considering eviction [...]


5 Legal Reasons to Evict a Tenant

There are may be many reasons to evict a tenant, but not all are allowed by Texas law. Before you start an eviction, make sure you base the process on one of the 5 legal reasons detailed below. If you are considering evicting a tenant, a Richland Hills TX eviction lawyer can help. Contact Girling Law today to learn more about how to [...]


Evicting Federal Employees During the Government Shutdown

An unfortunate side effect of Congress’s showdown over the wall is that many federal employees are struggling to pay rent and, naturally, their landlords are struggling to respond to this situation.  Federal employees stopped receiving pay as of December 21, 2018.  At the time I wrote this, we were thirty-one days into the shutdown and [...]


What You Need to Know About Serving a Texas Eviction Notice to a Tenant

When serving an eviction notice to a tenant in Texas, disregarding the law could make you end up losing time and money on bad tenants. A Texas eviction lawyer can help you comply with state laws and protect your landlord rights. Contact Girling Law to learn more about how to serve a Texas eviction notice today. When Can [...]


An Apartment Housing Lawyer Can Help You With Residential Lease Issues

If you are renting a residential premises, you need an apartment housing lawyer to help guide you through the complex laws regarding landlords and tenants in Texas. Contact Girling Law at (817) 864-8228 today. Landlord-Tenant Relations Laws in Texas There are Texas laws that address many aspects of landlord-tenant relations. Those laws can be extremely complex, and [...]